How much commission do you offer affiliates per sale?

We offer 75% on all our digital products (including upsells), we also have higher priced physical products in our flow and affiliates receive 40% commission from these sales.

How many upsells do you have?

We have 3 upsells and downsells in the flow after purchase.

Can I use material from your website i.e logos, images, testimonials etc for my promotions?

Absolutely, you can use anything from our website to use with your promotions, you DO NOT have to ask us for permission.

Can I use email marketing to promote your product?

Yes of course but you should only email optin subscribers that you have permission to email. Do not spam or you will be banned.

Can I add my tracking code to your thank you page?

Yes please reach out to us via the contact link and we will make sure to add it for you.

Can you give me a review copy?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer review copies but you are welcome to purchase it through your affiliate link so that you will save 75% of the price.